• The story of our 2 zipper bag


    Midnight Japanese Flowers Handmade Pocket Shoulder BagRuth and I used to go to the market with an unattractive bum-bag with too many pockets so we were always fumbling for change .

    There had to be a better way so after a think about what our needs were we decided a simple two zipper bag was a great idea. One for the coins and one for the notes. What could be more straight forward.

    Blue Birds Handmade Pocket Shoulder BagThe outer pocket has the interesting quirky fabric on it which are very often off cuts from the other designs.
    Sometimes however we use small remnants picked up in shops on our travels. These can be hard to part with as they hold special holiday memories, sigh.

    We have tried embellishing these smaller bags with buttons and charms, but these tend to get caught on things, get in the way of the Zips or they simply don’t look right on a small strip of fabric. The pocket then has to speak for itself and is why we try to choose really stand out feature fabric for this.

    Woodland Friends Handmade Pocket Shoulder BagWe also tried using the padded straps that we hand make ourselves but these looked too bulky compared to the size of the bag and so we use the readymade black strapping instead. You see many of our designs evolve as we work out better ways to do things for each of our styles.

    We are sure you will find many other things beside a market money float to put in. Like sun glasses and a phone. In fact it’s
    amazing what I manage to squeeze in there, its almost like Hermione’s magical endless bag I remember from the Harry Potter movies!

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