• The birth of our new handbag


    As you can imagine, I love bags and earlier this year we headed over to Europe for a 5 week trip. Last time we spent a chunk of time in Italy , which was amazing for its fashion and bags. But this time we headed over to France, Portugal and Spain for the most part and I was surprised by the inspiration I had to create something new.

    coral-handmade-handbags-australia-designer-one-offWhilst we were travelling through France and Spain we came across some wonderful shapes for bags I hadn’t even thought of yet. Some of these looked stunning but just weren’t practical i.e. the opening at the top of the bag was small and awkward. Sneakily i took lots of photos of these bags that I had seen along my travels and when i got back I was eager to show Ruth what I had found.

    handmade-handbag-australia-one-offRuth and I began brainstorming how we could create a new shape for our bags so they felt a little more like a handbag. We wanted the bag to have a good structure and an interested shape but also be practical and easy to get into, which was the pitfall I had seen in all those gorgeous European bags.

    Finally we came up with the idea of using an internal clip to draw the top of the bag in and manipulate its shape, whilst maintain the storage space inside and stop and unwanted hands from being able to get in. This technique allowed us to to give it a more elegant shape while giving you the option to easily get at the contents of the bag.

    Additionally we though it would be nice to have two external pockets on this bag, one which is flat and open to slide things into and one closed with a secure zip so you can access important things easily without having to open your main bag compartment, like your ringing phone!


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