• An Asymmetrical Encounter


    We were walking around a market in Canberra the other day and saw a lady wearing one of our Asymmetric bags with budgerigars on the front pocket. It’s such a delight to meet a complete stranger who is so pleased with her bag. She was telling me all about how well all the pockets work… Made my day!

    sorting-handbag-fabricSometimes I feel like we work away in our workshop and have little contact with the world outside, sewing and generally having a fun time . Although we go to markets and get good feedback, it’s great to meet someone out of the selling situation who is genuinely happy with one of our creations.

    Ruth and I started to make the Asymmetric bag because we wanted a medium sized casual bag for weekends. We wanted to try a different shape and I often find myself holding one side of the bag to unzip it , so after some brainstorming we decided to make one side higher. It can be worn either side of your body depending on which shoulder you like to wear it. However we also alternate the higher side left or right, depending on how much fabric we have for the pocket, one side also being slightly higher than the other.
    With all our bags , the pocket fabric choice is one of the most interesting and enjoyable aspect of construction. There are so many quirky fabrics out there and we love finding them and working out how they fit with other fabricsto make a final product.
    designing-handbag-shapes-one-off-pieceshandmade-handbag-creation-processThen of course there is the button, no use , just decoration because we love it. We can spend ages choosing just the right one
    from our growing collection. Yes we do love to collect! Some of the buttons take years to find their right home on a bag , there’s no rush either as we know it will happen eventually.  Sometimes our hand will just go to the right one straight away and other times we audition a crowd of them, either way it’s fun.

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